60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System
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60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System
60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

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    60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System


    60 CU FT Helium System for Filling Fishing Kite Balloons


    * 60 CU FT Aluminum Tank Cylinder

    * Cylinder Handle Valve Protector

    * BMC Brass Helium Regulator

    * Manual Balloon Filling Valve

    * 12 FT Self Coiling High Pressure Helium Hose

    * Hose Swivel Connectors and chafe protector

    * Hand Tightening Regulator Threaded Connection (NO NEED FOR WRENCHES)

    * Flat fee lifetime warranty repairs on all our regulators

    BMC Helium Systems for Filling Fishing Kite Helium Balloons

    Technical Specifications

    These specifications are based on the industry standard 40 inch Re-usable Kite Balloon. Inflated to the absolute maximum diameter the system will fill 1 balloon per 9.75 CU FEET of compressed Helium gas. Keep in mind that the filling of these balloons is based on perception, if your technique allows for leaks or over-filling, you may get less fills. These numbers are based on a full cylinder @ 2200 PSI with no leakage and no over-filling.

    Aluminum Cylinders are light weight when compared to heavier steel cylinders. Our High Pressure hose allows cylinder to be securely mounted. Each regulator includes a Gauge determine how much gas is in the cylinder. A Hand Tighten Regulator Valve allows user to tighten regulator without the need for a wrench. Please Note: It is the buyer's responsibility to assure a filling location prior to the purchase of any oxygen or helium system. All oxygen and helium system returns will require a 30% restocking fee plus shipping costs.

    I strongly recommend the 60 CU FT and 90 CU FT System to those anglers who fish tournaments or who use Helium at least 3 times per year. Our cylinders ARE a full 60 CU FT and ARE fillable to 2200 PSI. We do not sell 1800 55 CU FT cylinders, these are NOT optimum for helium service.

    Cost Comparison Analysis
    Disposable cylinders cost $25 to $30 each and will ONLY fill 1.5 to 2 balloons, depending on user, & technique. Average cost: $12 to $15 per balloon fill.

    The BMC Helium System WILL save you money (based on cu ft and disposable cylinder prices):

    15 CU FT Tank Cost at $3.06 per balloon
    24 CU FT Tank Cost at $2.27 per balloon
    60 CU FT Tank Cost at $1.26 per balloon

    NOTE: Cost of filling tanks includes a set amount for the actual filling of the cylinder (Filling Charge) in addition there is a fee per cu ft of gas. The costs used are for the purpose of our explanation only.

    FOR EXAMPLE: Cost to fill cylinder: $10.00, cost per CU FT $0.15 using this example of cost the following will be true:
    Cost to fill a 15 CU FT Tank: $10.00 fill charge plus $2.25 for the actual gas, TOTAL: $12.25
    Cost to fill a 60 CU FT Tank: $10.00 fill charge plus $9.00 for the actual gas, TOTAL: $19.00

    Selecting A System
    When selecting this system, first and foremost is space! If you have the space for the 90 CU FT Cylinder, then that is your best bet, if you don't, a smaller cylinder will best suit your needs.

    Another consideration is how often you use this system? If you only use it twice a year, then it would make sense to keep using disposable cylinders, however if you use it 5 or more times per year, then one of our systems will pay for itself in the first season.

    Here are the dimensions of our aluminum cylinders (15 & 24 CU FT Systems are special order only):

    15 CU FT 21 INCHES HIGH BY 4.25 INCHES in Diameter (Special Order Only)
    24 CU FT 27 INCHES HIGH BY 4.30 INCHES in Diameter (Special Order Only)
    60 CU FT 28 INCHES HIGH BY 7.25 INCHES in Diameter (In Stock Ready to Ship)
    90 CU FT 37 INCHES HIGH BY 7.25 INCHES in Diameter (Special Order)


    We know this sometimes can be a confusing subject! If you have any questions regarding our system, or which system would best suit your needs, please feel free to call us (954) 263-6177

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    Mario O.
    Titusville, FL
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    Beats the hell out of steel bottles. I can easily carry this with one hand, no rust stains on my boat, and no wrench to put on. I have it inside my center console the hose is long and doesn't twist so I installed a port on my console so the hose can fit through it.

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